Cafe Racer Build Project

In 2017 I started to resurrect this 1978 Honda CB750F Super-Sport. New to motor-bikes and carbureted engines this project turned into quite the learning experience and took on a mighty transformation to become the bike she is today.

Purchased as a non-runner we quickly discovered a hole in one of the pistons. Torn between whether or not we should opening the crank-case for a complete engine rebuild we got lucky and found a donor motor with decently low mileage for it’s age and the swap began.

Later, chopping the rear end for a custom cafe racer hoop, woodcraft clip-ons, and completely re-imagining the front-end, this 40+ year-old legacy lives on in new form.

To saddle up on this vintage sports bike is to charge the front-lines of battle headfirst gritting your teeth with a stick of TNT between your legs– a visceral and real experience.